College admissions process fair; accepts deserving students

Evan Farley, ‘20

April Fools

In the wake of the ludicrous college admissions scandal that shook the country over the past few weeks, American universities from coast to coast have announced they would accept students solely on merit. This is great news for students all around the country who cannot buy SAT scores or photoshop their faces onto athletic photos! No longer will anxious seniors worry about a rich kid stealing a spot that they deserved because it is now 100% fair. 

“We simply could not allow the status quo to continue,” said Dirk Drennan, the Director of Undergraduate Admissions for the University of Southern California, “the days of pay-to-play are over. College admissions nationwide are leaving behind the biases that have plagued our offices and entering a new era of equality that is only echoed in every other developed nation in the world.” 

There is no doubt that the educational system is changing for the better. It might have taken a shocking scandal, but finally, the previously broken establishment is jumping in the right direction. For a prestigious university to accept students based on their personal qualities rather than the size of the library their family can donate might have been unheard of a few years ago, but now it is the norm. With colleges retraining their admissions team to accept only deserving students, this country is sure to see a fresh wave of college students who deserve to be on campus. 

Katy Perry sure nailed it when she stated: “after a hurricane comes a rainbow.” This hurricane might have lasted for as long as the American education system has, but we are sure to see a rainbow of equality and justice for all now that colleges will only admit students who earned their own slot of campus. Nice!