The Bardvark

Darya Foroohar - editor-in-chief

Darya has written for the Bardvark for three years and was the Layout Editor during the 2018-2018 school year. She is super excited to be EIC this year and will make sure the Bardvark continues to reflect the voice of BHSEC students in every issue they may wish to speak on. Aside from being an editor, she also enjoys writing, and has won multiple awards for her writing, including a Newsies Honorable Mention for a Bardvark Op-Ed she wrote in 10th grade. Outside of working on the Bardvark, she loves singing, drawing, running, and participating in many of BHSEC’s other clubs and teams.


sinziana stanciu - layout editor

Sinziana Stanciu is a Y2 student and the Layout Editor for the Bardvark! She joined the Bardvark in Y1 and realized how much she cared about the news at her school. Some of the other activities she has participated in at Bard include Law Club, Debate team, Quizbowl, Girls Basketball and Model UN. She is deeply passionate about the law and intends on becoming a lawyer. She has worked in multiple parts of the legal system of NYC. Sinziana is also bilingual and has studied Mandarin for 6 years. She likes listening to music of all types (except country) and exploring new parts of NYC. If you see her in the hallways say hi, she always likes to meet new people.

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evan farley - digital editor

Evan Farley has been with the Bardvark since the fall of 2016, his freshman year. He was previously a staff writer before being appointed Opinions Editor last year and is stoked to be joining the team as the digital editor this year! He is passionate about local politics of any stripe. Inside BHSEC he has been elected to the Student Union and School Leadership Team all four years and leads both the Model UN and Cross Country teams. Outside school, he is a member of Brooklyn Community Board 6 and enjoys running and watching television. Follow him on Twitter where he spends a plurality of his time at @evanf555



To whomever readeth this bio, Tis I, Alexander Ganias: Illustrations Editor for the Bardvark.

I love sports, classical music, friends, family, and Castlevania. I play baseball, basketball, piano, and mandolin (kinda). I will write mainly on the school sports, but now I oversee what YOU submit in terms of comics and artwork. So submit away without fear!! Love you mom <3

Sylvie Headshot.JPG


Sylvie Goldner is a Year 1 at BHSEC. She eats ice cream every night, is afraid of her cat, prefers wearing sunglasses indoors versus outdoors, believes our pets are treated better than human beings, has a killer Quizlet (search sylviegoldner), and aspires to be Bob Dylan... because who does not?


Jayna Rohslau - News Editor

Jayna Rohslau is more than happy to be the Op-Ed editor for this year's Bardvark, and is excited to contribute as a member of the staff now in addition to being a writer. When she's not scribbling away in some notebook or scrambling to make her deadlines, Jayna finds enjoyment in reading, exhausting her wallet by buying clothes, and spending time thinking about how she's going to exhaust her wallet by buying aforementioned clothes. Tragically, since the school year's begun she hasn't had a lot of time for her hobbies and is already burdened by a ridiculous amount of homework(as well as the notorious unpredictability of the f train!). Which is BHSEC in a nutshell of course, so she really shouldn't be complaining. Oh well, at least now she has the 2019-2020 Bardvark to look forward to, and to distract her from the depressing reality of her everyday commute.

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Lula Konner - News Editor

Lula Konner is a 10th grader at BHSEC. She loves reading, listening to music, acting and dried mango. She is very much looking forward to being a news editor for the Bardvark this year!

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Dr. Steven Mazie - faculty advisor

Dr. Steven Mazie has been teaching at Bard High School Early College since 2002 and has advised The Bardvark since 2007, when he took over those duties from BHSEC's first librarian, Eric Gelber. Dr. Mazie is a political scientist and teaches political theory and law courses in the college program. Since 2013 he has also been the Supreme Court Correspondent for The Economist magazine. In his scant free time, Dr. Mazie enjoys running, napping, baking pizza and making his three daughters laugh uproariously. Join his flock on Twitter: @stevenmazie