BHSEC Deans’ Hour Lecture "The Phone Policy Tale” by Geoffrey Chaucer

Sylvie Goldner, ‘21

April Fools

Geoffrey Chaucer is a worldly acclaimed author who died in the year 1400 but is still very much with us at BHSEC. His ghost will be presenting a talk for BHSEC students at this upcoming Dean’s Hour, and if you attend, you may see a surprise appearance from the Wife of Bath who has now moved on to her nine hundred and tenth husband, who of course is half her age as he recently turned 309. Chaucer lived a life without cell phones as the plague instead was the most popular trend at the time. This absence of cell phones caused Chaucer to be bored, leading him to write 488 and ⅔ pages of The Canterbury Tales, a story of men and women kissing one another’s tushes and how all men eventually get cheated on. His talk will be in Middle English and the entire presentation will rhyme in verse, so don’t be too worried if you don’t know what is going on, as neither does anyone else. Again, make sure you arrive on time as seeing Chaucer is a once in a lifetime opportunity, if that. The administration sent a homing pigeon to arouse him from the graveyard for this very special presentation. Introductory remarks to be provided by Dr. Lerner, also in Middle English.