Success at BARDMUNC II

Sinziana Stanciu ‘20

May 2019

On May 11th, the BHSEC Model UN team hosted a novice crisis conference! Using Twitter as an experimental means of communication, it was a fun experience for all. Delegates were able to collectively learn about a crisis form of committee and debated a real issue for NYC residents: the housing crisis. Some of the interesting events that happened included protestors interrupting committee, political debates, kidnappings, and murders. All of these events forced delegates to react in the way their characters would and led to valuable discussions about this large issue that is sure to be at the center of future debates in the upcoming election in 2021. Further, it allowed students who never realized what it takes to run a Model UN conference the ability to craft the committee toward a unique ending. 

Moreover, the Model UN Secretariat was particularly happy that they were able to hold another external conference at BHSEC. In the past year, the Model UN club has changed, and it has opened up to more and more people. It seems as though the student body at BHSEC has realized the value to be found in public speaking skills and the quick thinking these simulations require. This was definitely the perfect end to the MUN season which included new conferences and trips to Baltimore and the United Nations. For next year, there will certainly be more conferences attended by the developing Model UN club. If you would like to join, please join us in room 306; we are open to all students joining.