Letter From the Editor

Darya Foroohar, ‘20

September 2019

It is finally my last year at BHSEC, something that seemed like it would never come to pass. But seeing as I’ve gone from being a timid, clueless freshman to the Editor-in-Chief of the Bardvark, I guess I haven’t done too badly over the course of my soon to-be four years here. I know that when I am gone, memory of me will soon fade from even the most admiring underclassmen. My college acceptances will be erased from the whiteboard in the CTO, my sneakers will make their way back from the gym office, and my name will be taken off the Writing Center tutor list. My peers will be experiencing the same erasure as the school we have all learned to call home learns to let us go. The only thing that will remain, however, is the Bardvark.

BHSEC’s newspaper has been a welcome sight throughout my time at Bard, especially as a freshman (even though I wasn’t yet sure how to write for it). I would walk into the library and read Op-Eds on the Presidential election, reviews of nearby restaurants, and updates on the third floor bathroom renovation. When I started writing for the Bardvark, it made me feel more tied to the BHSEC community, as I got to know the many facets of Bard life while also putting my own spin on the Bardvark’s coverage. It became my outlet for my love of opinionated writing, and I was determined to do everything I could to help it succeed.

Now, as Editor-in-Chief, I look forward to ensuring the Bardvark’s continued success in publishing every month, as well as increasing its readership and the diversity of its articles. I aim to cover a wide range of topics in every issue, from school news to global events, as well as increase the number of comics and illustrations, which are always fun to read. But all the work I, along with the other wonderful members of the editorial staff, put into this paper will be greatly enhanced with your eager readership (pick up your copy in the library!) and submission of articles. Even if you think you’re a bad writer, even if you don’t know anyone who writes for the Bardvark, you are all still very much welcome– write about what you’re passionate about, and watch it get published!

If you’re interested, we meet the first Wednesday of every month in room 302, or, if you simply can’t wait for that, send us an email at bardvark@gmail.com. I’m looking forward to this year and I can’t wait to see what you all write about!