Culinary Guide for the BHSEC Area

Ellis Shapiro-Barnum ‘19, Camilla Bianchi ‘19

October 2018

Hey new BHSEC students! Welcome! We know that 9th grade can be a little disorienting in all aspects, so let us help you with the food situation! Our names are Camilla and Ellis and we are Y2’s, which means we have a lot of experience in this department. Here’s a guide to help you through the next four years!

Price range marked by “$” as the least and “$$$$$” as the most.

Columbia Pizza: Quality: 4/5. Venue: 2/5. Pricing: $

Located on Columbia off of Rivington, this very popular spot for BHSEC students has a myriad options for anything you might want to eat. There is pizza, fried chicken, rice and beans, plantains, french fries, stewed chicken, and much more! It is also very cheap, and the pizza is only $1 for a plain slice, making it a tremendously popular destination for students to go for lunch.

49 Columbia Newsstand and Luncheonette (Deli): Quality: 3/5. Venue: 2/5. Pricing: $

Located directly to the left of Columbia Pizza, this Deli is very cheap and sells coffee, tea, bagels, Bacon Egg and Cheeses, Hamburgers, and your classic deli fare (chips, cookies, candy, gum, and whatnot). Even though the coffee isn’t great, it surely does the job, and is very close to school. Lots of kids at BHSEC come here for lunch, because it’s quick, cheap, and yummy.

Key Food Supermarket: Quality: 3/5. Venue: 1/5. Pricing: $$$

The Key Food supermarket is located on Columbia Street right next to the Deli and Pizza shop. From fresh fruit and doughnuts to deli-meat sandwiches and rotisserie chickens, this supermarket truly has anything you could possibly want. If you want to pick up cookies or a bag of chips for a club meeting, Key Foods surely has what you need.  

Pause Cafe: Quality: 5/5. Venue: 5/5. Pricing: $$$$

Located on Clinton Street between Houston and Stanton, this cafe is the most expensive on this list. A great place to hang out with friends or get some homework done, there are plenty of tables and comfy chairs to sit in. Some popular items on the menu include the Iced Chai and coffees, great sandwiches, smoothies, pastries, and much more. It is ridiculously priced, but just pretend that you are also paying for the fancy seating and good music.

Heaven’s Hot Bagel: Quality: 5/5. Venue: 3/5. Pricing: $$

Located on Houston between Clinton and Suffolk, this bagel place sells any food you might want at any time of the school day, whether it’s breakfast, lunch, a light snack, etc. The bagels are great! Heaven’s also has some tables that you can hang out with friends at and get some work done!

North Dumpling: Quality: 5/5. Venue: 2/5. Pricing: $

Located on Essex and Hester across from Seward Park, this hole-in-the-wall Chinese spot has amazing dumplings, spring rolls, sesame pancakes, noodle soups, and much more for a very low price. There are only two tables and a counter, so sometimes you have to sit with random people. North Dumpling is definitely a hidden gem, but it is worth checking out for some great food.

Sugar Sweet Sunshine: Quality: 4/5. Venue: 5/5. Pricing: $$$

Located on Rivington between Essex and Norfolk, this coffee place has been an iconic element of BHSEC life for years. Sugar Sweet is most famous for its adorable cupcakes and its eclectic selection of delicious pudding. Although the pastries and drinks are a bit pricey, you will not be disappointed with the quality. The venue is almost as adorable as the cupcakes and provides a perfect, homey environment to hang out in.

Other Lower East Side favorites: Black Cat LES, Tiny’s Giant Sandwich Shop, Boba Guys Bubble Tea, The Falafel Guys, Vivi’s Bubble Tea.