A Movie Review on “Captain Marvel”

Sasha Garcia, ‘22, & Oswald Wagenseil, ‘22

March 2019

Reminder: Of course, these are our interpretations of the movies, and you don’t have to agree with them. Everything here is subjective to opinion. Movie reviews on certain titles are subject to possible change.

Captain Marvel:

Captain Marvel is the story of Kree warrior, Carol Danvers (Brie Larson), who becomes caught between her past on Earth, her career as a Kree warrior, and her future as a person. Personally, I thought the movie felt like a rollercoaster. Some parts felt great while others felt troubling. Nick Fury’s dynamic with Carol Danvers is a good example of what made some parts of the movie enjoyable. There was a “buddy-cop” feeling with Fury and Danvers, and it was really interesting to see the two interact and cooperate with each other. Their interactions had a special type of charisma to them, and it felt realistic. On the other hand, the dialogue in other parts of the movie did not come up to par. There were certain instances within the movie where dialogue felt cheesy and cliche. The characters, overall, were pretty average. Aside from Fury and Coulson, my favorite character was the Skrull leader, whose character had humor and charisma. Despite being from a different planet, he felt somewhat relatable in the way he spoke and negotiated. I also really admired Danvers’ female Air Force friend, Maria Rambeau. Their dynamic was almost family-like, judging from the fact that they used to be extremely close. One character I didn’t like so much was the villain. I won’t spoil who the villain is, but they didn’t actually feel like a villain. It was a very anticlimactic twist, and I think the directors could’ve done much more with the character. The plot didn’t really feel special. I guess you could call it “OK” but it wasn’t anything earth-shattering. It felt “lacking”. However, what really needs to be mentioned is the movie’s use of CGI, because it was fantastic. In previous Marvel movies, I feel like their CGI wasn’t the best (take a good look at hulk in Thor: Ragnarok). However, Captain Marvel’s CGI was definitely above par compared to other marvel movies. The Skrulls gave this ability to change the way they look, and the sequence looks incredibly real. It’s pretty impressive. The movie has both good and bad attributes. That’s for certain. I think that the movie’s probably the most mediocre movie that marvel’s made. Does it mean that it’s bad? No. Captain Marvel is a first for a lot of things. In fact, Captain Marvel is the first Marvel movie that we’ve had with a female solo lead. I think the whole operation could’ve been orchestrated better, but all in all, it was pretty OK.

Rating: 7/10