A Movie Review on “Bumblebee”

December 2018

Sasha Garcia, ‘22

Reminder: Of course, these are my interpretations of the movies, and you don’t have to agree with them. Everything here is subjective to opinion. Movie reviews on certain titles are subject to possible change.


Bumblebee is the newest movie installation in the “Transformers” franchise. It takes place in the 80’s, revolving around a female lead, Bumblebee, and a military subplot.  In previous films, we’ve had Michael Bay as the director. However, Bumblebee has Travis Knight as its director (the same director from “Kubo: and the two Strings), and I have to say, having him as the movie’s director was a turn for the better. With Michael Bay’s Transformer movies, you had explosion after explosion, ultra-filtered scenes, unnecessary and wacky jitters between the characters. I wouldn’t like to reveal too much, but “Bumblebee” feels real, and nostalgic. Its character development is definitely notable, and its action sequences are “proper” in a sense where you can actually tell what’s going on. The movie definitely has some strong clichés, but that’s to be expected of all movies. I’d say that this is probably one of the best movies in the “Transformers” series.

Rating: 8/10