Letter From the Editor


As we embark on another amazing, but yet stressful year, I want to reflect on past times and, because I’m the Editor-in-Chief of the Bardvark, I want to do it here. If you’re a Year Two, like me, you can confidently say that you have come a long way. I remember walking around the Club Fair three years ago and marching up to the Bardvark’s booth, hoping to become its Editor-in-Chief one day. I also remember writing my first article ever, “Fun Things to Do During Winter Break,” and spending days chasing my classmates around the library to get insightful quotes on ice skating at the Rockefeller Center. And now, as the Editor-in-Chief, I look forward to investing all of my effort into making the Bardvark into the best that it can be this year.

Of course, this is a promise that any newly-appointed leader makes, so I ask that you trust me. Although I loved being part of the Bardvark during its past years, I always thought there was room for a lot of improvement and I hope that a big chunk of this room will be filled this year. I am planning on changing a few things to make this improvement possible. First, Bardvark meetings will happen on every first Wednesday of the month and issues will be published on the last Wednesday. Second, more content will be published in every issue, including some new features that the staff and I have been working on. Get excited! But to make all of this possible, I need your help and support. So make sure to submit lots of articles to bardvark@gmail.com and to pick up your copy of the Bardvark every month in the library.


                                 I look forward to an amazing year and wish you good luck with everything!

         Yours, Camilla.