BHSEC’S Girls Basketball Team Poised to Start a Great Season

Darya Foroohar, ‘20

With Basketball season and tryouts quickly approaching, it is time to prepare for the exciting games to come. The girls’ team in particular has an impressive reputation to uphold, having won their division with a 9-4 record and qualified for playoffs last year. The team fought hard for their title, narrowly beating rivals East Side Community High School for the win. The team’s success is due to the dedication, skill, and sportsmanship of the players, as well as that of their coach, Christopher Lanza, who never settles for anything less than the best from his players. Although the team was small, they did not let other teams’ size intimidate them and have left big shoes for this year’s players to fill.

Fortunately, many students have expressed interest in trying out for the team this year, so there is a good chance that the team will increase in size-- and, hopefully, continue last year’s winning streak. With games in the Lower East Side, as well as further out in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and even Queens, the Raptors will be facing teams all over the city to maintain their title. Because BHSEC does not have a suitable gym, they must travel even for their home games, such as their first one on December 5th against The Clinton School. It will most likely be at NEST or Basketball City, both of which are close  to BHSEC and have room for many supporters (read: you should come cheer on the team!) The official season lasts 16 games, the last of which is against East Side on February 6th at P.S. 64. However, they will have plenty more exhibition matches against schools outside of their division and, if they do well enough in their division, will compete in the playoffs, against schools from all 5 boroughs.

With a mix of strong returning players and eager new ones, the future is bright for BHSEC’s girls basketball team. We wish them luck in their season!

If you are now interested in joining the team, tryouts are at PS 134 on Thursday, November 1st, at 5:15. Be sure to pick up medical and parental consent forms in the PE office before trying out. If you have any questions, contact Manager Vanessa Leung at, or me at