BHSEC Photography Club Looking for Creators

Fuschia Steward ‘21

October 2019

Ritu Bhowmik Encourages Students to Join

While BHSEC is best known for its impressive academics, there are many after school clubs where students can develop their hobbies and explore their passions. From sports teams to culture groups, there really is an activity for everyone. This year, there were over 50 clubs at the club fair, a record high since the school’s founding in 2001. One of the clubs there was the brand new photography club, it was highly anticipated as students had been asking for it for years. I spoke to Ritu Bhowmik (Y1), one of the club’s founders along with Charlotte Lang and Clyde Dwyer, about the future of photography at BHSEC and her own experiences with it. 

The first thing I asked her was what motivated her to start the photography club. Quickly, she responded, “I wanted a creative space where people who were interested in photography came together and helped each other grow––whether it's improving on our existing skills or gaining new knowledge. A club where everyone shares the same passion as you? I'd say it's a pretty good feeling, letting our imaginations come to life!” This answer was exciting to hear, especially from one of the leaders, as it proves that the photography club won’t just be another club, but an inspiring space for artists from all walks of life to come together. 

Bhowmik is very passionate about photography, and this drive also contributed to her decision to start photography club. In discussing her own experiences with photography, Bhowmik made it clear that “Photography’s important on so many levels. [...] It's not just about capturing the good moments, it's also capturing the bad moments. Photography and the photos someone takes tells a lot about them. For me, I guess, it makes me feel closer to them. Like I'm inside their minds or seeing what they're seeing in their own unique way. Living in New York or anywhere really, it can be hard to be unique but photography makes sure one doesn't feel that way.” Capturing the story of a person’s perspective is what makes photography so interesting, and this club aims at compiling as many diverse points of view as possible. 

As I learned more about Bhowmik’s thoughts on photography, I started to wonder about her experience with photography. When I asked her about the roots of her love for photography she expressed that, “I've always loved looking at family albums. They held such memories and history behind every picture. I remember looking at my own album when I was little––probably 6 or 7––and thinking, ‘I WANT TO FILL THIS BOOK UP AND MORE!’ I began taking pictures since then. Except the only camera I really had at my disposal was my Nintendo 3DS so they weren't that great. [...] I took SO many pictures. I just love the idea of capturing memories and being able to look back at them. In a way, it humbles me.”

She finds inspiration in many things such as “Labels on bottles, street names, or even our lovely MTA. It's great living in New York City because I never run out of inspiration. It's everywhere.” I followed up by asking her what the leaders had in store for the club. “We have a lot of exciting big plans for the club, most of which we'll keep in secret for now!” I guess I’ll have to join the club to find out, but luckily, doing so is easy as you don’t need any experience or a digital camera to join. “It’s preferable but not needed.” she said, referring to the camera. “We're all here to learn from each other!” she added. 

Photo Credit: @bardphotography2019

Photo Credit: @bardphotography2019

If you are interested in photography and would like to join or learn more about the club, you can email or direct message them on Instagram @bardphotography2019. The club meets on Wednesdays in room 503 (the room is subject to change since it may not always be available). They look forward to meeting you and sharing their work!